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۩ Taj Mahal Gardens

The Persian style garden

The lush green garden expands from the main gateway to the plinth, over which stands the tomb. The garden in essense is based on symmetry and geometrical measurements. The Persian style garden has a close link with paradise, since Quran describes paradise as a beautiful garden.
Water garden
Through the centre of the garden runs the two marble canals with fountains and lined with cypress trees (symbolising death). This divides the garden into four equal squares(Islam considers four to be a holy number), evoking the image of Islamic paradise that has rivers of water, milk, wine and honey flow. The stone paved pathways further subdivides each flower bed into 4, making total of 16 flower beds.
The mausoleum, unlike most mughal mausoleums, stands majestically at the north end just above the river and not at the central location. At the centre of the garden, in the mid of the tomb and the gateway, is a raised marble lotus shaped tank with a cusped and trefoiled border. The tank has been arranged to provide a clear view of Taj in its water from any point in the garden. The view looks amazing with the reflection of Taj amidst the green cyprus trees .
Water devices and irrigation mechanism
Water in the canals was drawn from the river using purs, a system of drawing water manually from river using bucket and ropes. For irrigation the water from the overflowing canals was used. The north-south canals had its water inlet through fountains and east-west canal had its water inlet through an interconnection with north-south canal.
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